Fitting & Balance

Lots of wheels we repair require the tyres to be removed and then refitted and precision stud balanced.

This is why we have a , a fully leverless tyre changer designed to work on all the latest tyres, no matter if they are performance, low profile, run flat, etc.

Once the tyre fitting is done, the wheel and tyre require balancing, so we have a Cemb ER100i which is a state of the art balancing machine and offers full diagnostics of the wheel and tyre and can help elimante vibration issues that a regular balancing machine cannot. Further more, we only stud balance as this method mounts the wheel to our balancing machine in the same manner that the wheel is mounted to the car and this can be the difference between having your wheels balanced properly and not having any vibrations, to regularly going back to your tyre shop and having them try and balance your wheels again and again.

Because of these machines and the care and attention to detail of our highly experienced technicians, some of our customers now only use us when they need new tyres fitted or have a balancing issue.