205/55R16 ASY 91V MOMO ITALY M-3 OUTRUN MOMO With Fit &Balance




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Welcome to ECG TYRES located in Penrose, Auckland

The MOMO OUTRUN M3 is designed specifically for drivers with spirited performance in mind

The asymmetric tread design is engineered for both performance and comfort, featuring a reinforced sidewall for enhanced high-speed stability and broad shoulder blocks for improved handling. Vertical siping patterns further assist in lateral traction while circumferential grooves aid in enhancing hydroplane resistance
An advanced all-season rubber polymer allows the tire to remain flexible in a wide temperature range for enhanced performance during inclement weather
SPORT-TUNED TREAD PATTERN Asymmetric tread design for exceptional handling and grip for on-road feel and improved rolling resistance.
CORNERING TRACTION Wide shoulder blocks improve stability and handling response especially during high-speed cornering.
IMPROVED HYDROPLANE RESISTANCE Circumferential grooves channel water away from the contact patch for enhanced wet traction.
HANDLING AND STABILITY Reinforced sidewall helps retain tire profile, enhancing high-speed handling and stability.
TEMPO METEREOLOGICO FLEX Enhanced silica-enriched rubber polymer formulated to remain flexible in colder temperatures and dry, higher heat conditions for confident year-round driving.

Image is for illustration only, rim is not included with the tyre, and actual tread may differ slightly

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