225/40R18 DIR 88W YOKOHAMA AD08R R2509 With Fit &Balance




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Image is for illustration only, rim is not included with the tyre, and actual tread may differ slightly

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Yokohama's AD08R - now utilizing their patented "R" Orange Oil rubber compound. For racers and car enthusiasts who use their car on the street and the race track, and want one tyre to do both duties. Capable of astonishing lap times. It's the tyre used by World Time Attack Challenge Clubsprint competitors.

Heat control is one of the key features of the ADVAN Neova AD08R. It deals with heat effectively and copes with hard driving with minimal wear. It really is the ultimate high performance road tyre. The downside with the original ADVAN Neova AD08 was that it tended to squeal a bit with track work. The new ADVAN Neova AD08R is more progressive with less squeal. It feels more like an R-compound tyre

Developed For High Performance Track And Road Use

Sequential Round Grooves

Wide Range Of Popular Sizes

Steel Sidewall Inserts

Hydroarc Channels cut through water for superior wet grip

Ultimate Grip - MS Compound 2R provides excellent wet and dry grip – accelerating faster and stopping sooner.

Superior Handling - Delivers quick steering response and precise feedback during high-speed cornering