CLEARANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONLY 1 LEFT.245/70R16 A/T 111SXL RYDANZ RAPTOR R09 With Fit &Balance




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Welcome to ECG TYRES located in Penrose, Auckland


- All-round road conditions
- Self-cleaning and stone removing
- Tough and durable

Rydanz tires are designed to meet your driving requirements, with strengths in comfort, durability, control, and high mileage. Made using specialized tread pattern design and the latest tread compounds,

Rydanz tires provide superb handling and outstanding cornering ability at high speeds along with precise steering response and exceptional dry and wet traction.

They also offer improved tread wear life and reduced rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency.

Rydanz tires deliver excellent water dispersal to reduce hydroplaning and increase wet grip.

Industry-leading tires by Rydanz undergo strict quality control and one of the most rigorous and comprehensive tests to ensure they meet relevant specifications and standards when it comes to quality, safety, and performance.

Image is for illustration only, rim is not included with the tyre, and actual tread may differ slightly

All tyres are sold individually, for more tyres please update the quantity.

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