Castrol Transmax Multi Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid 4L - 3371183




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  • Outstanding slipping torque converter clutch friction durability for maximum fuel efficiency and shudder control performance – exceeds genuine oil performance
  • Exceptional high temperature protection to effectively resist fluid oxidation that helps ensure excellent transmission cleanliness and durability
  • Enhanced friction durability for smooth transmission shift performance
  • Excellent shear stability helps ensure consistent high temperature performance

Castrol Transmax Multi Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid

Castrol Transmax Multi Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid is a premium full synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed for use in most passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Designed to satisfy the friction requirements of vehicles fitted with damper or slipping torque converter clutches, as widely used in Japanese and Korean vehicles. Selecting the right ATF for your transmission is critical to its smooth shifting and long term durability. Gone are the days of 3 and 4 speed transmissions to be replaced by computer controlled 6 or more output speeds that offer greater flexibility and improved fuel efficiency. Castrol's range of Automatic Transmission Fluid have been engineered to work in tandem with this modern technology to provide continuous smooth shifting under all conditions so you can reap the benefits of enhanced performance and lesser fuel consumption.