Penrite 7 Year 450,000km Green Coolant Premix 1L




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Product type: Coolant Premix

Vendor: Coolant Premix

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  • OEM Approved to maintain manufacturer warranty and specifications
  • Protects all internal surfaces from corrosion
  • Phosphate free formulation allows hard water use
  • Nitrite and amine free

Penrite A Better Class of Oil

Green OEM Approved Coolant is a GENUINE GLYSANTIN G48, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Fully Licensed and Warranty Approved, Type 'A' Ethylene glycol, Anti-Freeze Anti-Boil as used in initial manufacturer factory fills. It uses a technically advanced HYBRID (HOAT - Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) based inhibitor system that is Phosphate, Amine and Nitrite free. The extended long-life inhibitor formulation prevents rust, corrosion, cavitation and degradation of the cooling system. It is available in both concentrate and premix formulations.