Portable Mini Handheld Fan With mobile power, flashlight, travel





Product type: Mini Fan

Vendor: Mini Fan




Product Description:

  1. 21 Battery Life and Short Charging Time:This hand held fan runs for 21 hours on setting 1 and 14 hours on setting 2 after 3 hour full charging, so you can enjoy the fan whole day during outdoor/inside events .
  2. Foldable and Portable:The size of this pocket fan is only inch, weight:4.4 Ounce. It can be easily put it in your pocket or purse when you are out to Disney, camping and so on. The foldable design makes it easy to be carried and stored.
  3. USB Operated Pocket Fan and Touchable Blade:This personal fan can be charged by computer, laptop, portable charger and USB power adapter. With special soft TPE material, the blades are very safe. If you accidentally touch the rotating blades, the soft blades will automatically stop and keep you safe.
  4. Backup Power Bank and Flashlight:5V/1A USB output port makes the mini fan a power bank(2000mAh) in emergency, supplying power for mobile phone, MP3, or iPod, etc. The flashlight is quite bright and can be useful in dark areas or if electricity is out.
  5. Low Noise:The usb fan is built-in with no frame, the noise is down to 40db.

Product Features: Your Portable Travel Partner – Rechargeable Mini Fan, Power Bank and Flashlight 3 in 1 You can enjoy the below benifits:

  1. Long battery life (14 to 21 hours)
  2. Mini figure ( inch, weight-4.4 ounces )
  3. Power bank
  4. Unique bright flashlight
  5. Rechargeable design (battery included)
  6. Easy to rechargeable (power bank, laptop and USB charger)
  7. Work on 110/220 Volt
  8. Strong airflow(2200 -3300 rpm)

Flashlight - The flashlight is quite bright and can be useful in dark areas or if electricity is out.Portable Mini Fan Portable Handheld Fan

Product Specifications: Portable Mini Fan Portable Handheld Fan Colour: Brown

Package Lists:

1 x Portable Mini Fan Portable Handheld Fan

The delivery time is around 5-15 working days after your purchase.